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Princess of the Universe

The Office Fan Site, A place to Learn, Experience and Discuss her excellency

Maintained by Her Royal Subject Ben

Who Marina Is

Princess Marina is the one and only Princess of the Universe. Despite any rumors to the contrary, there is only one Marina. Being the Princess of the Universe she is often mistaken for being a rock star, poet, painter, dancer, comedian or model. Although Princess Marina is accomplished in all of these areas, she is more a Princess than any of the above. Indeed, to limit ones understanding of Princess Marina is to not know the Princess at all. This site is dedicated to a better understanding of that conclusion.

Where Is Her Kingdom

Simply put, Princess Marina's kingdom is everywhere I have ever been, ever will go or would like to go.

How to Make An Offering

Although Marina is a kind Princess who will accept most offerings, her subjects should be aware that candy is the preferred offering. Poems are also acceptable.

What Is Her Life Story

Not much is known. The most widely excepted theory of her origin is that the Princess was born from the heart of a lotus blossom. Other theories have been discussed and debated in academic circles and publications (see, Where did she come from, a complete treatise, by charles darwin; Is there Marina, by foucault; I have found the Marina within, Hermann Hess; and the most widely read, How to Love Marina, by Benjamin).


This discussion board has been established to connect those who wish to learn more about Princess Marina and those who have already come to worship Marina as the one true Princess of the Universe.

All those who enter this discussion shall not make blasphemous statements They shall not offend the Princess Marina as she is the one true Princess of the Universe and any other statement to the contrary will be removed.

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